Dad’s are in a unique position to affect change for the better, for our families, our communities, for "the economic integrity of the planet”, upon which all our futures depend.

The Ecodads’ Mission is to produce ecological, financial and nutritional literacy in partnership with students, parents, teachers, schools, tutors, governmental agencies, foundations, publishers and other non-profits to better teach our children how the world works, in order to properly prepare them for their future.


A growing group of sustainably-minded dads, who don't support a lot of BS, refuse to spoon-swallow media sound-bytes, like to offer their kids a sense of context and discernment, while teaching them how to think on their feet, roll-up their sleeves and get things done. Active Group Council Members are from array of different industries (media, film, education, the arts, transportation, scrap metal, bar owners, technology, social media, farming, real estate, sports, ice cream, advertising, finance and more).


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According to a EcoFocus 3BL Study, Eco-Aware Fathers represent $1.7 Trillion in
US Annual Purchasing Power (Source: 3BL MEDIA)


ecodads takes the ECO part of its name from OIKOS — the ancient Greek equivalent of a household — the root of ecology and economy. When we "share how the world works", we share knowledge we have in hand from nature, from ancient peoples, and powerful trends such as cradle to cradle design, biomimicry, the natural step, green chemistry, and environmental profit and loss accounting.

Dads help to protect the home. It's in our DNA. As earth is our home, (with all of its wonderful habitats and resources), it is incumbent for Dads to learn and share the best practices of understanding, experiencing, using and sustaining our home to preserve OUR future generations. As the Transcontinental Railroad and Telegraph brought forth logistical transport and almost instant communication across large regions during the wake of industrialization that forever changed the world, it is time, as a culture and as parents, to shift from purely being the copious consumption-based Nuclear Families to becoming more mindful Wind and Solar Families.

Mindful in the sense that we share and start to embody the concept that Less is More and reducing and reusing should be consideration sets along with recycling. It is time to harness our power of brilliant human innovation, and to intelligently educate our children on the best ways to separate our biological waste streams from our technology waste streams and to learn how to not mix the two.

To accomplish such, will require real conversations starting with ones family. Statistics show that families who regularly gather round the dinner table for meals and homework have more successful children who go on to graduate college and becoming meaningful members of society. This kitchen table of decision making is the center for change to happen constructively and prevent the ever widening gap between the quasi-Entitlement screen-ager iGeneration and parents today.

A father's domain extends from the boardroom, to the office, to the outside of the home, to the garage, to the ball field, to the trails, to the community. It is in these environments that a mindful approach to responsible living can become redefined, prioritized and focused in a subtle suggestion vs authoritative top-down manner.

Perhaps the greatest way to accomplish this type of preservation is by subtly sharing Financial and Ecological Literacy with our children through programs and activities such as authoring the Digital Education Textbooks "The Education and the Environment Initiative" with the CAL Board of Education, CALRecycle, CALEPA and the US Dept of Energy and "The Story of Climate Change" with Earth Day Network. At least that's what we believe.

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The Review Council

Tom Newmark
Louie Scwhartzberg
Robert Kramer
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Craig Flax
Will Parish
Wallace J. Nichols
Michael Leifer
Hunter Lovins
Scott Spann
Will Duggan
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Jonathan Fields
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Robert Eyler
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Peter Byck
Paul Sheldon
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Michael Crosson
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Scott Smith
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Bill Greendeer



(1) To provide the iGeneration Youth with familiar, fun and engaging programs, tools and content for them to more deeply Contact with nature in a more experiential, emotional and intellectual way.

(2) To give Youth an easily digestible framework and context for them to see and understand the relationships and cycles between humans, industry and our amazing world.

(3) To generate stewardship, problem solving and leadership amongst Youth.


The ecodads are an Educational Advocacy Network Partner of CALRecycle and the California Environmental Protection Agency's (CA EPA) groundbreaking Education and the Environment Initiative Curriculum (EEI) for K-12th grade students. This Curriculum is the first of its kind, the creation of which was mandated by law in 2003, unanimously approved by the CA State Board of Education and done in partnership with National Geographic, whose vivid and beautiful images fill the 85 unit books, workbooks, posters, maps, flashcards and more.



(1) Designed and Ran the National Council for Science and the Environment "New Green Economy" Conference Sustainable Social Media Workshop and Best Practices.

(2) Designed and Co-Produced with Bioneers and The influenceXchange, the Bioneers Conference Sustainable Social Media Panels and Webcast in the Atrium of Autodesk.

(3) Designed and Lead the Sustainable Social Media Workshop at the Bioneers Conference.

(4) Helped to Activate and Share the Best Cleaning Elements, Procedures and Practices for N1H1 via the design, creation and distribution of an Outbreak Control Site for Parents and Educators and shared it with the larger Green Schools Initiative National Campaign.

(5) Designed and Ran the "Green My School" Workshop at the Education Research Group's "Future of Education and Technology" Conference.

(6) Assembled and Lead the "Social Media Education Best Practice" Panel at the Education Research Group's "Future of Education and Technology" Conference.

(7) Co-Designed and Ran a portion of the Panel / Workshop at the Green Festival on Social Media and Advocacy along with 350.org and the Rain Forest Action Network, produced by James Hanusa.

(8) Designed and Produced the Online Rally and Social Media Training Webinars for the Pachamama Four Years Go Campaign, which had over 600 NGOs and Partners.




Will Duggan
Executive Director / Co-Founder
The ecodads
will at ecodads dot org