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Down to Earth Parenting

Exploring New Models for Education, Parenting and Business


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A growing group of sustainably-minded dads, who don’t support a lot of BS, refuse to spoon-swallow media sound-bytes, like to offer their kids a sense of context and discernment, while teaching them how to think on their feet, roll-up their sleeves and get things done.

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We are the innovators of business pioneering sustainable models of commerce and supporting the environment through technological advances.

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ecodads is helping to foster experiential education that integrates technology and nature in engaging models. We are funding apps, iTextbooks and innovative educational platforms that connect children with the flora and fauna in their own back yards.

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A new era requires a new paradigm of parenting. We are giving voice to topical methods that enable parents to find balance and connect more deeply with their children. We invite you to explore and contribute to this discussion.

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